6 Easy lifestyle choices for a healthier you

The survey report presents information on the percentage of pupils who have ever smoked, tried alcohol or taken drugs. The report also explores the attitudes of school children towards smoking and drinking. Relationships between smoking, drinking and drug use are explored along dietforasmallplanet.com with the links between smoking, drinking and drug use and other factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and previous truancy or exclusion. There’s lots of ways you can help to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

A balanced diet should include unsaturated fats that are found in oily fish , avocados, nuts, seeds and sunflower, rapeseed,olive and vegetable oils. Unsaturated fats have been shown to increase the levels of good cholesterol and help reduce any blockage in your arteries. You should limit the amount of salt you eat to no more than six (0.2oz) a day as too much salt will increase your blood pressure. Even a modest reduction in intake can make quite a big difference.

Another significant aspect of social connections are close relationships such as marriage. The impact of relationships like marriage have been studied from both the physical and emotional point of view. Evidence shows that the loss of a spouse causes dysregulation of stress related hormones such as cortisol. Increased cortisol has been association with decreased hippocampus volume and decreased cognitive performance , emphasizing the importance of developing a range of social relationships.

Stress Can Cause Depression

While strong social bonds seem to be a powerful element supporting brain health, loneliness caused by poorly functioning relationships, on the other hand, increases the risk of mental and social disorders. It is important to note that loneliness is not the same as isolation; people can feel lonely even when surrounded by others . Loneliness is the gap between the social engagement they want and what they currently have. Unfortunately, as people age, social networks tend to become more limited. They can begin to diminish as death, disease, or illness arise, enhancing the feeling of loneliness. Studies have shown that loneliness increases the risk of cognitive decline in older adults (124–127) significant loneliness being more detrimental than episodic loneliness.

You should receive a letter from your GP surgery or local council inviting you for a free NHS Health Check every five years. Stress contributes to high blood pressure, which is also a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Across Lancashire and South Cumbria around one in four people are estimated to have high blood pressure , a leading cause of heart attack and stroke. People identified those with disabilities, including learning difficulties, and older people as people they feel should be supported, in particular to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

  • Although plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids exist, the evidence supporting their beneficial properties is not as substantial as it is for fish .
  • We offer a range of health and wellbeing articles, recipes and exercise videos to enable people to self manage conditions and make healthy lifestyle choices, as well as preventing the development of musculoskeletal problems.
  • By analyzing animal studies, scientists were able to determine that exercise facilitates neuroplasticity and improves learning outcomes .
  • Ramsay Health Care was established in 1964 and has grown to become a global hospital group operating 480 facilities across 11 countries, making it one of the largest and most diverse private healthcare companies in the world.
  • There are tips and hints throughout the rest of ‘Wellbeing’ page to help with this if you feel you need a little more support.

When we make these good choices about diet, exercise, and sleep, we are better able to cope with illness when it strikes. We can also help those we love to improve their own health by serving as good examples. Depression is a common mental illness that affects millions of people worldwide. The low mood in depression is more intense than the typical experience of sadness. Too much stress can contribute to depression and other health problems.

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Later, I worked for 2 years as a visiting researcher at Stanford University Medical School in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. Part of my current research interest is about how exercise can be used to protect the brain. Homelessness is seen as a factor in deprivation and so too housing quality.

Health Month Successfully Engage Students and Staff to Make Healthy lifestyle Choices

Notably, there are a few randomized controlled trials that tested the impact of real-world communal engagement in adults 50 and over. The two most substantial studies conducted are the Experience Corps and the Synapse Project . These studies were both randomized, controlled trials that exemplified various structures, functions, and qualities of social activities. The Experience Corps trial compared older adults that either volunteered to participate in the Experience Corps activities or who had the opportunity to join volunteer opportunities in the Baltimore area.

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