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Falling revenues and increased costs mean that it can be hard for many organisations to justify buying new technology. This may, in part, be because those who make decisions about purchasing new technology such as CRM are no longer necessarily the CTOs. BCD Meetings & Events Ltdprovide meetings and event management services. Listening is one of the most important skills for a receptionist to have, but there’s a big difference between hearing a customer’s request and actively listening to them. That’s particularly true when there’s a problem, or you’re dealing with a dissatisfied customer. Active listening means making a conscious effort not focus without being distracted, while factoring in verbal and non-verbal cues to hear the whole message.

  • Implement ways to measure customer excellence and the resulting customer loyalty.
  • But it’s acting on that feedback to make changes that really counts.
  • First class customer service is key to every successful business, regardless of its size, market, product or services it offers.
  • And dealing with people – whether that’s in person, on the phone, or online – is a core part of that role.
  • Customers appreciate honesty, own up to your mistake and put it right immediately.

The primary focus should therefore be to eliminate the waste on the consumer side of the transaction, leading to immediate improvements in the customer experience. To develop a global network with the key researchers and universities in service management in order to undertake world-class research that pushes forward the boundaries of our knowledge and theory. To engage effectively with business and government bodies to have a major impact on leadership and management practice in service delivery.

From here, you can build a toolkit of best practice within your organisation. Set some simple customer service standards that team members can easily understand and implement. You can also include the team members themselves in this process if you’re seeking total engagement. It is open to businesses who have been trading for more than 18 months. All businesses regardless of size are encouraged to enter, and the award will go to the business who best demonstrates customer service excellence.

Invest in customer service training

Recognition in this way means employees are more likely to ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers. They also know their efforts are being noticed in this way by their employer. Support processes needed to ensure the consistent delivery of these standards. Your customer service team can be the main difference between a prospect converting into a valuable customer or leaving your business premises before they even reach the checkout.

Alongside this, map out the level of compensation an individual at each stage has the authority to offer customers. Stage 2 forms part of an escalation process to a team leader or manager, mapping out how the complaint will be dealt with. This stage is normally activated when the customer is either not happy with the initial front-line response or has written in to complain. For example, ‘we will listen to and respect all contributions, we will look at the data objectively and with the intention of building on what we currently do well’.

Demonstrate empathy when the customer shares a difficult or poor experience. Pre-empt, resolve and permanently eliminate potential product and service problems for the customer. Special or additional ‘touches’ often get referred to within the customer’s local or on-line community.

A day in the life of a legal technologist

At KSL Training, we adopt a holistic approach to customer service, helping you to achieve your business strategy and customer service standards. We offer practical half-day or one-day customer service training that will teach you how to improve customer service, at every level of your organisation. It’s clear that great customer experience should lie at the heart of every business. By adopting Lean Consumption and viewing your customer experience from the consumer’s perspective it’s possible to eliminate waste, refine process and improve quality. You will be delivering customer-driven service excellence and, as a result, generating greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Aligning desired outcomes with service delivery

Some clear trends and growth sectors have emerged in the 2022 listing for Derbyshire, including decarbonisation and clean growth tech, digital, and services more broadly. Dr Nicola Lynch, Head of Derby Business School explains more in this video. This Top 200 listing ranks all active, private sector businesses in Derby and Derbyshire by turnover – a simple but powerful indicator of business growth and relative positioning. This list will feed into the East Midlands Top 500 companies league table, due to be published in July 2022. Researchers from our Business School have compiled the annual list of the top 200 businesses in Derby and Derbyshire.

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