Computer Networking with Internet Protocols and Technology

Let’s investigate how packet switching is used to transfer data between two devices. This document is a brief introduction to TCP/IP, followed by advice on what to read for more information. It can give you a reasonable idea of the capabilities of the protocols.

TCP/IP is designed for use with many different kinds of network. Unfortunately, network designers do not agree about how big packets can be. Some very fast networks have much larger packet sizes.

Introduction to the Internet Protocols

In fact, as with all of life, network traffic is only managed successfully through the use of well-defined, universal rules known as protocols. The IPv4 protocol however will soon be upgraded to the IP version 6 internet protocol. The reason for this upgrade is that there is need to generate more IP addresses to allow more devices to have a unique IP address on the network. This research lead to the definition of the TCP/IP Protocols which are the underlying protocols for all Internet communication.

  • In this case, the mail server could get the information by looking at the message itself.
  • The domain system is not limited to finding out Internet addresses.
  • It is also possible to use the domain system to store information about users, mailing lists, or other objects.
  • Generally, at least one end of the connection asks the network software to assign it a port number that is guaranteed to be unique.

This has led to the “server/client” model of network services. A server is a system that provides a specific service for the rest of the network. (Note that the server and client need not be on different computers. They could be different programs running on the same computer.) Here are the kinds of servers typically present in a modern computer setup. Note that these computer services can all be provided within the framework of TCP/IP.

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The domain system is not limited to finding out Internet addresses. The node can have records that define a number of different properties. Examples are Internet address, computer type, and a list of services provided by a computer. A program can ask for a specific piece of information, or all information about a given name. It is possible for a node in the database to be marked as an “alias” for another node.

4 Packet Switching

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