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You’ll be able to develop and maintain their internal web-based systems and show them the benefits of distributed frameworks, services and social-media applications. Since 1984, Microsoft Press has helped IT professionals, developers, and home office users advance their technical skills and knowledge with books and learning resources. You will have the opportunity to apply a wide range of development skills to your product development. Some projects may be driven by research activity in the department’s research groups, some by the expectations of a “client” and some by students’ own interests. A “client” is a non-fictitious potential benefactor of the project for example a student’s employer, former placement provider, local charity etc. who are willing to formally consent to be involved in the project.

  • The backend development is what is going on behind the scenes, which is where the data is stored, and without this data, there would be no front end.
  • The developer must ensure that the site is responsive i.e. it appears correctly on devices of all sizes no part of the website should behave abnormally irrespective of the size of the screen.
  • It’s the digital foundation, and it appears to non-developers as a jumble of numbers, characters, and symbols.
  • A bespoke website is needed if your business has complex requirements, needs to integrate other systems (e.g. CRM, ERP) or requires advanced functionality to support your customers.
  • Your placement period will normally be full-time and must total a minimum of 40 weeks.

These activities allow you to demonstrate the skills and personal qualities required by employers and will be vital in your attempts to secure graduate employment. If you’re returning to education following a break, wish to study a new subject or don’t have the grades or sufficient equivalent experience for direct entry to this course, a foundation year may be a good option for you. HTTP is a connectionless protocol that allows computers to interact via request and response cycles. When a client requests something, the two computers become disconnected, and when the server answers, the two computers reattach. Once a request is made, computers do not expect a response from each other. The second advantage is that HTTP may send any type of data and offers a foundation for both computers to communicate in the same language.

Custom Website Design

A website is an online collection of documents or data that you may access. We utilise a browser application to access the website and make it user-friendly for visitors. The function of the browser is to make the website usable for the viewers or clients. The task for content developers is to write high-quality content for the website. Content in a website such as taglines, captions, company portfolios, blog posts, and articles makes the difference to the customers. Content writer has to make that content for multiple reasons, one because the better the content, the more people will value it and have a higher regard for the company.

In this world of technology, The terms web design and web development are not strange anymore. Although there may be some overlap between the two, design and development are two distinct areas that need separate skill sets. If you’re strictly speaking about the general concepts of web design vs web development. Let’s jump into this blog and you will have a clear understanding of each role. It’s possible to study a specific aspect of design, development or another computing area in more depth through a Masters degree, which usually consists of taught modules and project work. Alternatively, if you want to gain a further qualification while working, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership might suit you.

How will I study my course?

You just need to get some advanced programs and designs to transform your current website into a more responsive one. With the fluid layouts, your layouts resize when the window size changes. So instead of using the standard fixed pixel width, this new approach defines areas of your page using percentages.

What you’ll study

The main languages ​​for dynamic website programming are Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Python,… PHP and ASP.NET are used the most frequently ​​today. Have a good feel for user experience, to identify the simplest approach possible to attain the desired feature. This includes the general format, images, layout, and buttons of the website. In order to develop a product, it takes a long process to research and learn how to form the web structure and present information on the web.

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