Small business investment explained

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However, if you want fast growth but aren’t sure how to manage it yourself, then help from a private equity investor should provide the expertise you need. All of these examples involve spending money on your business in the hope of achieving better success in the long term – hence it is investing in your business. Read on to find out more about business investment and how an accountant can help. Getting an injection of cash for your business can be the difference between long-term growth and having to shut up shop early.

What are the different types of business investment?

Running a company is of course inherently risky, so most successful CEOs tend to have a healthy understanding and tolerance of risk. Asset finance is a form of business investment used specifically to fund the new acquisition of items used by your business. This sort of business investment can also be used in reverse in order to use current assets you already own as security for a cash loan based on the value of the asset. The British Business Bank invests alongside venture capital funds on terms which improve the outcome for private investors when those funds are successful. The Enterprise Capital Funds programme combines private and public money to make equity investments into high growth businesses.

There are three main ways to secure investment for your small business. Here are the key areas in which your business might benefit from investment. A £250 million project will transform Middlesbrough’s skyline and support our thriving digital sector, which is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative in the UK. The first phase includes a new 20-storey skyscraper, which will be the premier office destination for 100 miles. Investment in new housing across the whole of Middlesbrough will meet the needs of a growing population and provide high quality living for families, students and professionals.

For a more established business looking to grow – it may be that you need to balance production or service capacity to meet demand and continue to grow revenue – additional investment may be able to enable that growth. The report shows that focussing heritage-led regeneration on sites at risk in these areas targets the communities in greatest need. It supports social and economic inclusivity, brings the best out of communities and has the potential to pay a meaningful, lasting social dividend. Their team is highly supportive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other founders or investors.” A Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund managed by the same team as our EIS service, which benefits from the same pipeline of investment opportunities. Estate planning while retaining accessHelp clients plan for inheritance tax while keeping control of their assets.

Trusted financial solutions

Each fund is typically invested in around 5-10 start-ups, providing a diversified portfolio for investors. However, you have to meet the criteria for a sophisticated or high-net-worth investor to invest in these products. As with mainstream funds, they pool together money from investors, but they differ as investors hold shares in the underlying companies, not in the fund itself. Start-ups must reach their funding target within a specified timeframe, or money will be returned to investors. If a company exceeds their funding target, they can choose whether to accept ‘overfunding’ . Crowdfunding platforms offer a curated selection of start-up companies looking for investment and co-ordinate the fundraising.

Research and development R&D

Angel investment comes from an affluent individual, usually an entrepreneur themselves, to a start-up or growing business. Angel investors can choose to receive an ownership stake in the business in which they are investing or receive return plus interest from the business profits. Angel investment can either be a one off cash injection to the venture or a set of staggered investments at different stages of the business lifecycle. Dr Richard Hargreaves was educated as an engineer and conducted research in materials science before entering the world of venture capital with the 3i, as it now called. He has nearly 50 years experience investing in young companies and helping them grow.

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