Tips for Buying Quality Used Cars

Tips for Buying Quality Used Cars

Tips for Buying Quality Used Cars

Cars- Need to buy a used car? What are the tips for buying a quality used car for people who just bought a car? Buying the dream car of many people. But sometimes the finances are not sufficient to buy a new one, making a used car an option.

Apart from being cheaper, the quality of used cars is also not much different. Buying used cars can also save you from falling car prices by around 15-25 percent per year for the first five years since the beginning of the purchase. In addition, we can not only buy a used car with cash, but we can also use credit. Currently, there are many banking programs for used car loans.

Well, for those of you who have the desire to buy used cars, for beginners it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the car. Here are tips for buying used cars quoted from various sources:

Check Car Components

Pay attention to every part of the car, whether there is a possibility that the car body parts have been replaced, also check the inside, such as the car door, seats, hood, air conditioning, radio, and all the buttons are functioning properly. Compare the used car parts with the new condition of the car by checking them on the internet.

Check Machine Condition

Although the body is still smooth, the condition and performance of the engine must also be considered. Check the sound of the engine if there is something odd. Also make sure the brakes are still working properly. To know about recreation you can visit this site kelilingkota

Another thing that is worried about potential buyers is usually a flooded car. Usually used cars that have been hit by a flood sound louder than normal cars. It’s better if you need to invite someone who is an expert, a repair shop mechanic, or a friend who understands machines to check the car. Moreover, car repair shops are now also increasingly sophisticated using a computerized system.

Check Transmission Box

Both automatic and manual used cars that you want to buy, avoid those with oil leaks from the transmission box gap. To check it is by looking at the transmission section on the car body, whether there are traces of messy oil or not.

Test Drive

Ask permission and invite the seller to try the car. Check the steering wheel is still normal by removing the steering wheel at low speed to check whether the car is still running straight or not, and perform various maneuvers.

Check Vehicle Documents

You have to be observant to see the letters of the car you are going to buy. First, check the STNK, BPKB, and other documents by photocopying the documents and checking them at the police or the nearest Samsat office before making a transaction.

Bargain Price

Before bidding, it’s a good idea to first find out the market price. The price of used cars generally has a market range depending on the condition and year of production. Then make an initial offer of IDR 5 million from the market price, and if necessary, invite other people to help, for example, a partner or friend.

Buying a used car online, through a showroom or individually, if you’re not careful, of course, you will disappointing in the future. So, be careful!

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