Tips for Caring for a White Car

Tips for Caring for a White Car

Tips for Caring for a White Car

White car- Although white cars are quite popular with consumers, not everyone can take care of white cars so that they are durable and the color lasts a long time. Because, the white color often looks dirty if it gets splashed with mud, or over time it accumulates dust. Owners of white cars must be diligent in caring for and extra attention to their white cars so that they always look clean and still elegant.

There are some tips that you can try for white car care, let’s see friends:

Keep Car Clean

Of course you have to clean the car often, like it or not, and don’t let dust accumulate, especially if it gets splashed by mud. Every weekend, take the time to wash and clean your white car, so that at the beginning of the week the car already looks shiny. To know more about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

Avoid Parking Under the Hot Sun

One of the causes of a white car quickly dulling and fading is too often the sun, ultraviolet (UV) rays are scorching, making the paint quickly damaged, dull, and also faded. Look for a shady parking space, or under a shady tree, but if you force to park in a location exposed to direct sunlight, work around it with a vehicle cover so that the sun does not directly hit the car paint. In addition, if you use a car cover, you will also avoid dust that will stick to the white car body.

Get in the habit of washing your car with clean water

So that the white color of your favorite car remains durable, don’t forget to always use clean water when washing your car, because if you use water that is not clean and dirty, your car paint will easily damaged. Do not also use water that contains salt, and iron. Both types of water with these substances can easily make the car rust. If it gets rain, don’t wait for it to dry. Immediately rinse with clean water so as not to cause rain or mud spots that are less beautiful to look at.

Use Special Shampoo

As mentioned above, white cars must wash using clean water, and the soap used for washing should use a special shampoo. If you use shampoo or soap that is careless, it will cause spots and mildew on the paint layer of your car. Do not use dab soap, because the content and granules in dab soap can create scratches on the car paint and can even make your white car color fade.

Rinse Direction

When washing a white car, pay attention to how to rinse it, use clean water and the correct rinse direction is from top to bottom. This method is to avoid dirt that is difficult to clean quickly down so it doesn’t work 2x.

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